“Sign here. And here. And here too.”

First days at work are tedious. I spent my day signing paperwork I didn’t have time to read and listening to people trying to be funny while actually telling me just how devious credit-card companies can be. More time was spent on breaks or hanging around in corridors than actually learning anything important.

Coworkers. Ugh. While all are older and should be more mature or intelligent on that basis alone, it felt like I was in a group of pop-culture victims. I won’t deny that I am a victim of certain strains of pop-culture as well. But at least I don’t believe that the local version of “Survivor” is THE SHITZ. Nor do I feel immensely proud of how trashed I get every Friday.

Imagine please now a large group of frowny-faces, brown in color, banging on a large, swollen and tender object with a hammer. Now, imagine that object is your brain, and you will get a good idea of how my head feels right now.