Israel Geek-Fest’ 2008

Oh, what a joy going to conventions is! On one side, there is a girl holding a big sign that says “OBJECTION” on it. On the other side are four or five hairy boys dressed all in black. In front of you is a girl with a ton of black make-up and a flouncy pink skirt. Behind you is a famous Polish fantasy writer. What could be better than being among your peers this way?
The iCon, as this fantasy/sci-fi festival is called, is a really great event that happens once a year here, in Tel Aviv. It is truly a geek fest, and it’s incredible. Last night, for instance, there were screenings of “Gamers”, which is a movie about role-playing college boys, and then “Zombie Strippers” which is exactly about that. Strippers who become zombies.
Tonight I am volunteering there, and although my schedule is super-full, there is something that feels really good about giving to this community, because I am truly an avid fantasy book fan and a lover of all that is animated or strange.


3 thoughts on “Israel Geek-Fest’ 2008

  1. slightlyignorant says:

    Oh, heaps! Anything by Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett – those are the more obvious though. Libba Brey has a wonderful little trilogy, Jaqueline Carey’s books are incredible, George R. R. Martin’s quartet is not to be undertaken lightly because it’s long, but it’s incredible.

  2. kewl beans!!! I’ve read some Terry – Had me in hysterics… 4 horsemen of the apocalypse getting drunk in a pub and someone steals their flying horses!!!

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