Carried Away

I’ve recently discovered two authors that I’m falling in love with. The first is P. D. James, the Englishwoman who produces fabulously intricate crime novels; the second is Mr. Charles de Lint, a master of urban fantasy novels. Both of them have swept me up and have whirled me about until I’m giddy with wonder. Their novels have absolutely nothing in common, mind you, I’ve simply discovered both authors around the same period of time.

What they do have in common, however, is that incredible and indescribable magic that pulls me into their worlds from the very first page. The first words of the first page draw me in completely, engaging my senses and imagination from the very start and holding me tightly. It becomes so that I walk around doing everything with my nose buried in the book – emptying the dishwasher, making breakfast, walking to do errands… I can’t for the life of me put down the books. I find myself making excuses to stand around the kitchen making coffee just so I can keep reading instead of turning to another activity.

I love discovering new authors that carry me away completely in this fashion. I get so excited when I realize how many more books they’ve written and how much more I have to look forward to. Have any of you recently discovered anyone new and exciting to you?



I have a new screen, and it’s incredible. There’s something SO satisfying about new gadgets – be it a new ipod, a new laptop, a new computer, a new screen, new speakers… Anything that makes your technological experience better. As one who grew up with computers, grew up with consoles and the internet, I adapt super quickly to any new technology, and I’m thankful for it ten times a day.

I learned to touch type just by typing all the time. I learned to install programs and check basic things about the computer just from trying things out. I learned to be a gamer from watching my older brother play games on the computer all my childhood. As nostalgic as I can be when reading a Jane Austen novel, I won’t ever really want to live in a time where information wasn’t easily accessible and when it wasn’t part of the daily routine to be online with your friends or writing in your blog.

Technology is awesome. Sure, we’re all going to kill ourselves with it eventually, but hey, it’s not going to be during my lifetime or yours, so why worry about it?

Israel Geek-Fest’ 2008

Oh, what a joy going to conventions is! On one side, there is a girl holding a big sign that says “OBJECTION” on it. On the other side are four or five hairy boys dressed all in black. In front of you is a girl with a ton of black make-up and a flouncy pink skirt. Behind you is a famous Polish fantasy writer. What could be better than being among your peers this way?
The iCon, as this fantasy/sci-fi festival is called, is a really great event that happens once a year here, in Tel Aviv. It is truly a geek fest, and it’s incredible. Last night, for instance, there were screenings of “Gamers”, which is a movie about role-playing college boys, and then “Zombie Strippers” which is exactly about that. Strippers who become zombies.
Tonight I am volunteering there, and although my schedule is super-full, there is something that feels really good about giving to this community, because I am truly an avid fantasy book fan and a lover of all that is animated or strange.