I have a new screen, and it’s incredible. There’s something SO satisfying about new gadgets – be it a new ipod, a new laptop, a new computer, a new screen, new speakers… Anything that makes your technological experience better. As one who grew up with computers, grew up with consoles and the internet, I adapt super quickly to any new technology, and I’m thankful for it ten times a day.

I learned to touch type just by typing all the time. I learned to install programs and check basic things about the computer just from trying things out. I learned to be a gamer from watching my older brother play games on the computer all my childhood. As nostalgic as I can be when reading a Jane Austen novel, I won’t ever really want to live in a time where information wasn’t easily accessible and when it wasn’t part of the daily routine to be online with your friends or writing in your blog.

Technology is awesome. Sure, we’re all going to kill ourselves with it eventually, but hey, it’s not going to be during my lifetime or yours, so why worry about it?


3 thoughts on “Technophilia

  1. Your just the opposite of me Emily. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve taught myself and there have been many errors on my part. I love all this new stuff though and I am like you that I like to know what’s going on. I don’t know what I did before the Internet. I’m 50 years old and have only had a computer for 10 years. I’m sure enjoying this blogging thing. I’ve learned more since I’ve had the blog (since March) than in all the other years put together. It seems by doing it over and over, that’s an easier way for me to learn. Gadgets, I love em too.

  2. Well, you’ve definitely got more to be proud of then – it came easily to me, growing up with it. For you it was a challenge which you mastered. Much more impressive really, doing it that way!

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