I’m not a great patriot, not when it comes to Israel, nor when it comes to the US. However, it’s an incredible feeling, knowing that when I go to college I’ll be able to actually support my government and take an acitve interest in its doings, instead of cringing whenever I hear the President’s voice- as I’ve been doing for the past eight years.

Eight is definitely enough. The United States do need change. And I am thrilled that Barack Obama is now in a position to help achieve such change. He is such an inspiring man, full of charisma and, despite his being a politician, what seems to be a genuine belief that he can make things better. Who knows? Maybe in eight years, instead of invading another country, the United States will have public health care! Maybe even gay-marriage rights. Perhaps even tax-cuts going to the right places and not to humongous corporations and people who really don’t need their money.


Although I will forever maintain that the US has never and will never see a president as good as Jed Bartlet, I think Obama might be really really close behind. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, LOOK IT UP. *stupidgiggle*

4 thoughts on “Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy

  1. spoodini says:

    Very very nicely written! And, of course, I couldn’t agree with you more. However, I’m pretty sure Obama opposes gay marriage..

  2. avomnia says:

    Okay, here’s the deal . . .

    I never wastched West Wing until I was in D.C. one night and waiting for some laundry to finish, so I was flipping through the channels. I came upon a scene with Leo and Fitz having a terse discussion in the Situation room. The writing was fantastic, the pace brisk. I was hooked.

    I’m typically not a television series viewer, but I wound up buying all seven seasons of West Wing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much really good writing, as they had in the first three seasons, as I ever have in my entire life.

    We could use a good man like Jed Bartlett.

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