Big Brother

Will someone please explain to me the fascination people seem to find with watching other people lead absolutely boring lives inside a house? I will never understand it. I see the allure of certain so-called “reality shows” – so called because I know for a fact they’re all freaking scripted – like Project Runway, which is actually about exposure and talent, or even America’s Next Top Model, which is entertaining, if not particularly intelligent.

But what’s with this new [old] genre of Big Brother shows? What’s with people wanting to watch some normal people like themselves stuck inside a house for months with nowhere to go and nothing to do? What is so damn interesting about that?! Every day when I go to work I hear people talking about the damn show – heck, now they can watch it twenty-four seven cause they’ve made a whole freaking channel dedicated to it!

Oh yeah, by the way, did you know that those shows are scripted as well? Meaning you’re not even watching the real goings-on in the house, you’re watching planned and scripted dramas! So why not just turn on a soap-opera? At least then you KNOW it’s scripted and you’re not believing some lame lie!

Argh. I hate this new reality-tv-based society. I like writers who write scripts and tell everyone in no uncertain terms that that’s what they’re doing. Seems more creative and interesting that way. Then again, maybe it’s just me.


4 thoughts on “Big Brother

  1. Orin says:

    Hey – they have challenges and stuff, otherwise it would’ve been really boring. I actually don’t think script is that important for a show to be good – I’ve watched some badly-written stuff and some really good improvised stuff.

    When I watch Big Brother I don’t expect quality, I expect fun, and it’s fun to talk about too, although I take it with a pinch of salt and laugh at everyone, and I get how people can discuss it too seriously and be annoying and silly.

    (btw – I’m rooting for the token gay, as if that needed to be said.)

  2. Well yes, but still, people actually watch the channel, which shows them doing absolutely nothing, all the time too. It’s just infuriating. The fact that they’re all Israeli just makes them more annoying as well >.<

    [Haha, definitely wouldn’t have guessed that. Nope, not in a million years.]

  3. I do watch Survivor but not every season. If you don’t care for the contestants, it’s hard to get into it but I like the challenges and tasks they have to do. I also watch Dancing With The Stars. I love ballroom and just really do have to admit to liking the show. Big Brother….well…two seasons ago a friend of my son and daughter in law was on there. A kid they went to school with. I had never seen the show but we live in a very small community so we all watched it and were cheering this kid on. I did watch it this previous summer too but ONLY because, it’s the middle of summer and just felt it was better than nothing. My husband golfs on Sundays and Thurs and I sit alone. It’s either a re-run of something else or silence. I am not a huge fan of TV but do like it on once in a while.

    I do agree it’s all scripted but I really only the ones that have the challenges and game things on them. I don’t watch any other one. Besides, don’t you find most things on TV are “supposed” to happen?? I would never watch them sleep for heaven’s sake!! LOL!!!……though I know one gal who does that?? Geesh…hearing my husband snore is bad enough!!!!!!!

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