Stupidity – A Common Affliction

There are stupid people on this earth. There are, in fact, many many many stupid people on this planet. We all have to deal with them every day. We have to talk to them, have to forgive their stupidity and have to make allowances for it. This might sound condescending. Maybe it is. I don’t claim to be a great brain or gifted or super-smart. All I claim to have are ears through which I actually try to understand what is being said around me or to me.

Some people do not use their ears very well. They can hear alright, but they use their hearing selectively and half the time decide to ignore what is being said and not let it travel to their brains properly. In my line of work, customer service, I get to talk to people like this on a daily basis. Like a certain mistress who almost made me  cry out of frustration today.

She kept asking the same question about her card, and the second I tried to explain, she dismissed everything I said and told me that the company are thieves and then proceeded to once again tell me all she wanted was an answer to her question. My stomach is still hurting from my pointless half hour conversation with her.


9 thoughts on “Stupidity – A Common Affliction

  1. Ghost Writer says:

    Is this not a bit harsh? You say that stupidity is a commom affliction, surely all of us suffer from it once and a while.

  2. misswillow says:

    I totally understand you. This is not harsh, its frustration of the highest level! I think ghost writer is talking of those senior moments that we all have when our brain decides not to play ball. On the other hand, there are many out there that are just plain stupid! They refuse to listen and accept other peoples advice, thus rendering them ignorant of the facts, STUPID! These people also tend to fall into the bracket of ‘Control Freak’, they live under the assumption that nobody knows better than them, and that telling others how the situation will be, will solve their crisis. This is proof that they are STUPID! If you don’t listen to others and take on other peoples opinions and advice, you can’t learn. You can’t be fully aware of the facts unless you stop being stupid and LISTEN!

    This problem frustrates me daily, and i totally understand where you are coming from.

    Don’t worry, you are not alone………

  3. I agree… I am also in the service industry, and have spent AGES on phone calls, or sending the same thing via email (of course each email is worded slightly differently in the hope that they’ll understand it this time). Its as though some people don’t have the ability to put 2 and 2 together… Its not necessarily stupidity, its a lack of understanding, and inability to join the dots. There is no initiative behind a conversation, no ownership taken…

    One of my dear family members has this flaw – she is book bright, but in real life can’t really put 2 and 2 together. She doesn’t understand things that, to you and me, seem like common sense. She can be so clueless sometimes, although she gets an A average at school… Its the path of logic and understanding that has been deformed almost, as though they are missing the part of their life/childhood that teaches them these things…

  4. @Ghost- ‘Course I’m being harsh. ‘Course we’re all stupid sometimes. This post was mostly a rant, and I know it might have sounded horribly elitist, but it’s mostly density I’m talking about, rather than stupidity. People who, as Miss Willow says, refuse to listen and understand.

    @Miss Willow and Bojinx – right on, sista’s XD. I see you both know exactly how I feel!

  5. OMG!!! This is so me today. I’m so tired of trying to talk to someone. It’s like she never heard a word I’ve said every time she opens her mouth. Like she likes to fight or argue, just for the fact of it. I could just SCREAM. This pose was so good to see today. Thank you very much.

  6. Lynn Know It All says:

    The moment you come across someone like this…finish them off and then simple dismiss them. They’re NOT worth your time or aggravation. And, actually, you are robbing them of their learning experience…no matter how old they may be, and that, believe it or not, is not right. 🙂

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