Your guardian angel may appear to you as another human today, maybe even a close friend. There’s no need for complex analysis when someone brings you good news, unexpected cash or an invitation to a very special night. Just make certain that you have the intelligence to say “yes” before the opportunity fades.

Hm. Interesting. Let’s go over this piece by piece. There was no guardian angel whatsoever that came to me today. Not another human, not a close friend. The closest thing to a guardian angel was the piece of dark chocolate I had after dinner. That was heavenly indeed.

Next part. The good news thing is interesting, mostly because I didn’t get any news today from anyone, not good, nor bad. Cash was not recieved either, and an invitation to anything more exciting than my evenings sitting at home and writing essays would have been incredible. But I didn’t get one. Meaning I also didn’t have an oppertunity, or the intelligence for that matter, to say “yes” to anything from anyone.

I suppose the stars don’t have all that much effect on me… me and at least half the other people who got this same horoscope today as I did.


7 thoughts on “Horoscope

  1. You know I’ve often found some of these horoscopes funny. Sometimes thoughtful. But I’ve never taken them seriously. Believe me I know some who do. How could you possibly stay in your house for the day because “the stars” aren’t aligned??????

    Great fun post to wake up and read.

  2. Tessa says:

    Yes, those day to day horoscopes are just for fun and to inspire! They take your sign elements and use them to sound like something that fits the sign! There is no way they could know exactly what could go on in a person’s day!! Crazy to believe. I like to read those for inspiration sometimes.
    I DO Fully, faithfully, religiously even, believe in astrology and zodiacs though. Just not the daily things. People who fall into Cancer sign are sensitive, imaginative, family oriented or home bodies, emotional, care deep, and withdraw when hurt. I’m a scorpio- you’re best match!

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