Work With What You Know

Following is the beginning of a conversation I had with my brother this evening.

-Oh, hey, what’s up?
-Not much. You?
-Not much either, you know, just applying to jobs.
-Oh yeah, how’s that going?
-Well, the job I applied for last week – you know, with the hotel interview and everything – I didn’t get that one. But I’ve got an interview later this year I’m really excited about.
-Cool! Where is it?
-Just this place in Washington, a research center.
-Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. I hope you get it!
-Thanks. How’re your applications going?
-Ok, I mean, I’m almost done with the essays – I still have to go over them obviously, but I’m mostly done. Now there’s just the bureaucratic stuff to finish. Oh, by the way, have you heard about the book “The End of Mr. Y”?
-No, don’t think so, what is it?
-It’s right next to me now, that’s why I mentioned it… it’s this cool book I’m reading, it’s got a lot of really awesome references to all these psychological and philosophical theories in it.
-Cool, I should check it out. You know a new Terry Pratchett book came out?
-No! Seriously?
-Yeah, a non-Disc-World novel.
-He writes about something that’s not Disc World? Wow, I didn’t know he ever did that.
-Oh yeah, he’s got a bunch of books that aren’t to do with it.

….My brother and I have fun phone conversations. The conversation continued on to talk about many fantasy writers, the reasons why so many of them are Mormon and some music. I now have homework from him. I need to check out this British show called “Ultra-Violet” and another show by Aarin Sorkin. I need to read this short story called “A Logic Called Joe” and look up “The Hipster Olympics” on Youtube. There will be a test.


5 thoughts on “Work With What You Know

  1. Ok, I just have to tell you something… and you aren’t allowed to be weirded by it… but I’m reading “The end of Mr Y” now… started reading it on Saturday… umm… ya. 😉

  2. You have a great relationship with your brother. I think that’s so awesome. I have a great one with mine too. I love him to death. You know what’s the funny thing? On Friday night I had a conversation with my brother that went almost to two hours. Once a week we try to do that. So went I hung up, my husband (who heard my whole end of the talk) asked “what’s new with Uncle Darryl” and I said “not much!” I actually don’t think we really talked about anything!! LMAO!!! But it’s great isn’t it???

  3. Joy – my brother and I have a LOT of interests in common, but him being so far away and all, we’re not as close as we could be.

    LOL, I totally know what you mean – it’s so easy to talk about nothing really for two hours XD.

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