Is This What Christmas Is Like?

My heart feels all warm and toasty, as if I’ve wrapped it up with a colorful, comfy, soft woolen scarf. The anticipation is mounting in me and I feel that the closer I come to the thing I’m waiting for, the more this incredible excitement and tension will rise in me. I’m close to bursting, and I’ve had more than a few times today when my face has broken into a grin without me being ready for it. I actually enjoyed work, and felt it passed quickly and easily, as my thoughts were elsewhere anyway.

I can only imagine that my extreme joy and happiness over this childish, silly, unimportant thing is what the wait for Christmas must feel like for everyone who celebrates it and has good memories from it. However, my anticipation is for something farther away and much more materialistic than Christmas. In fact, it is with some degree of trepidation that I reveal what it is I’m so excited about, because it is basically… well, a dollhouse.

A digital dollhouse. With incredible graphics. And awesome gameplay. It’s called The Sims 3!!!! Yes, yet ANOTHER Sims game! Coming out Feruary 20th, in the US at least, it’s the thing I’m waiting for most of all now, and it is so stupid and so insane to be waiting for a silly computer game.

You may now mock me. Or stare at the post with an expression of “huh?” Or you can browse this and see a worthless, silly little girl and think to yourself “Wow, she is such a silly little girl.” You may do all that, but remember, I beg of you, that I haven’t had a silly, pointless thing to look forward to in a long time, and I hope I shall be forgiven for it.


6 thoughts on “Is This What Christmas Is Like?

  1. misswillow says:

    Aww bless. My friend is simms mad too. She even went out a had a computer built for her, just so that she could get the best out of her game play.

  2. Who am I to mock you?? I’m totally addicted to guitar hero and bowling on the Wii!! LMAO!!! Is this “dollhouse” deal available for the Wii or what system do you play it on. My granddaughter would just love something like this. Or is it for the computer? Let me know. She’d love it.

    I hope you stay young forever. It’s so much more fun.

  3. Haha, thanks Joy, you made me feel pretty awesome with that comment ^_^.

    These are the Sims games I’m talking about. I’m absolutely positive that she knows of the franchise. It’s not really a dollhouse, that’s just what I consider it in many ways – you take control of a family of people that you build and you help them lead their lives, making them awesome guitarists, politicians, gardeners, whatever you, and they, want.
    I think it’s only for the computer – though the same company makes versions of those games for the Wii as well. I think My Kingdom or something like that is one of those games.

  4. lol. Well, i think its that child like excitement that to many people have lost… I love being excited about the little things… the new harry potter, my puppy, when my puppy bumps himself, anything silly, and I just grin. Don’t ever apologise for the things that make you excited… Its what makes us human, and, I believe, what keeps us young :). Be that KID! Its lovely!!! Woohoo!

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