The Dos and Don’ts of Airport Terminals


-Get to the airport in plenty of time and stay positive and cheerful even if there’s such a long line that you think it must be leading to Timbucktoo and not to the check-in desks.

-Buy a bad cup of coffee, even if you’re not going to finish it because it’s too hot/cold/icky, because it’s traditional and social.

-Get something chocolaty to bring on the plane with you. You never know when you’ll get a sweet tooth.

-Make eye contact with security people. They like it when you smile as well.


-Think about how much time you still have left to travel. Breaking down and crying in the middle of airport terminals in dispair is not a socially acceptable thing to do.

-Talk and joke loudly about the bombs in your luggage. You’ll end up missing you flight due to sitting in a cold room with a lamp shining in your eyes while tiny security people try to get you to confess what you’ve done.

-Sleep before a flight. You’ll want to fall asleep on the plane, not be wide-eyed, jittery and full of adrenaline.

-Begin conversations with people in the lines. You’ll end up needing to sit with them and hear all about their Uncle Morty’s social problems at his job and how many kidney stones they’re having taken out the day after tomorrow.

-Lose all hope for ever reaching your destination. Once again, public-meltdowns are not socially acceptable.


5 thoughts on “The Dos and Don’ts of Airport Terminals

  1. I can’t even tell you the last time I was at the airport. I think it’s been 13 years. I don’t fly and the only time my husband has to, it’s for business so he will just rent a spot for his car and drives himself. I used to love browsing the shops though. I hope your mom has a safe trip.

  2. misswillow says:

    I have only been on 2 Long Haul flight’s. I flew from the UK to Sydney Australia. I was so excited that i turned up way too early, Luckily it meant that i was one of the first to check in. The flight was terrible though, and i really did feel like crying. The seats make you feel like you have been kicked in the Butt by a horse and the food is worse than that of a hospital. I flew with China eastern airlines, something i will never do again. The food had a bad smell to it and even though i chose the ‘western option’, it was still some nondescript Chinese imitation. Since when do we have Carrots, mini hot dog and some weird cabbage like goo in a western omelete? My poor 13 year old cousin was sick for two days following and couldn’t enjoy her first days there.

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