In The Spirit of The Gilmore Girls

I don’t know how many of you out there are aware of the TV show “The Gilmore Girls” and I also don’t know whether or not it had as much hype surrounding it in its native country as it did here. I think every single one of my girlfriends watched and loved it at a certain time in their high school years.

My mother and I are not to be excluded from the GG fan base! Oh no, we watched it religiously whenever it was on, and rejoiced at the time when the reruns were on every day and we got to giggle at the excellent script and sigh at the love affairs and family dramas. The odd thing about looking back at that time is that my mother and I, though on good terms in comparison with many a mother and daughter of the day, were not nearly as close as we are now.

Now, she and I, the two girls in the house with only our cats to keep us company, are close. We’re very close, I should think. I cannot express how much it means to me to be able to consider my mother as a friend and confidante, and I love our evening routine of dinner and a movie together. I hope against hope, though it’s quite a foreign thought to me as of yet, that I manage to have such a good relationship with my children as my parents had with me.


3 thoughts on “In The Spirit of The Gilmore Girls

  1. I know it’s hard to believe but I’ve never seen that show. I’m really happy you have that relationship with your mom. I don’t have one like that with mine. It’s a long story and we talk and stuff but it’s not what I’d consider “close.” I do have that with my dad though.

  2. yup. I also enjoy gilmore girls… I’d make monkey sit and watch it if it were still on… grin.

    When I moved up to Joeys, even though my mom and I were a bit at odds at the time… it actually brought us closer – because we’d have to talk to each other… once a week, we actually spoke about the things that mattered… and after living out of our house for as long as I lived in it… now, we are also friends… not just mother and daughter… but friends… 🙂

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