Hidden Wish

There are wishes that are too dear to the heart to be able to give up. At the same time, however, these same wishes, because of being so dear, are often hidden or lied about or concealed even from their own wisher. Wishes like these are the ones that are important. The wisher conceals them from him or herself because he or she knows that facing the wish, trying to accomplish it, will only make it like all the other wishes before – it will be gloried, it will be striven for, it will be boasted of, but eventually it will fall to the wayside like a dusty old garment, too worn out to be of use to the traveler anymore.

These wishes stay close to the heart, and will unconsciously jump into the mind of the wisher and into his or her actions once in a while. The wisher, if sincere, will do all in their power to avoid the seriousness of the wish, will immediately laugh it off as a fancy, as a thing which can never be, while secretly wanting it so much that he or she would give up almost everything to be able to fulfill it.

Why is it that wishes brought to light are so often abandoned? One cannot presume to know – but what is certain, at least when it comes to this humble blogger’s opinion, is that the more serious one is about one’s wish, the more likely it is to be lost amongst the everyday. Better to supress and let it emerge on one with all the slowness of natural progress rather than force it upon and into one’s life with vulgar flashes of neon light.


3 thoughts on “Hidden Wish

  1. I’ve never thought of wishes like this but you are so right. Why is it the “secret ones” that we wish upon when we blow out our birthday candles, we never “tell?” Very good way to get me thinking 🙂

  2. Wishes and Dreams — they have much in common, yet we more freely share our dreams and desires with others, perhaps because we may find even the flimsiest of bonds. But wishes . . . we can truly call them our own if we keep them to ourselves.

    Plant that wish in the soft soil of dreams. Nurture it tenderly. It will germinate, but watch over it, feed it properly, and never, ever, take your eyes off of it

    We keep our wishes because we can.

    And perhaps we should.

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