Cathartic Description

A white blaze of fire seems to travel from the nape of my neck and all the way up to the crown of my skull. It spreads as it goes, reaching places in my face and bone structure that I’m normally not even aware of. There are so many parts of the ear that I never notice, but when the pain creeps up the side of my face I realize just how complex the cartilage of the ear is and how soft and susceptible to pain the skin right behind it is.

My jaw is even more attuned than I am. I can almost hear it protesting and groaning as the painful fire shoots flame after licking flame into it. I can feel the long bone, stretching from right next to my ear and down almost to my chin, and I can feel the creaks in it as I try to open my mouth wide enough to yawn the inevitable nauseous yawn that is caused by the painful flames.

My eyebrow and eye seem to be warring for my ultimate attention, each begging to be soothed by the firm press of a finger or palm. The eyebrow and the bone behind it win out, because the poor eye gets even more painful when given over to the practice of being rubbed firmly by the knuckles of my fingers.

Writing about it doesn’t really help, but it seems like a better way of dealing with the pain than banging my head against a wall.


6 thoughts on “Cathartic Description

  1. I can feel your pain. The way you say things, I really “get.” I hope you feel better soon and it’s definitely better than hitting your head against the wall.

  2. chloë says:

    i haven’t ever had a miagrain, i don’t think
    & it sounds really terrible(!)
    hope you’re feeling better x

  3. Emily, I get cluster headaches from time to time, so I know of your pain. My brother and mom have sufferend with migraines over the years. In my prusuit to understand what was causing my cluster headaches I read many a horrifying story about what some people endure when they get their migraines.

    I can tell you this much: All current research seems to indicate that these types of headaches are caused by the swelling of certain veins around the temples. When these veins swell they put excruciating pressure upon sets of nerves that wrap around these veins. Apparently the triggers are as different as the individuals themselves. There seems to be no clearly defined switch that brings on an ‘event’, which is a huge shame because they could then be avoided.

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