A [Stupid] Tale of Two Cats

Once upon a time, there were two cats. The two cats were great friends, and knew each other from the time they were both kittens and were rescued from the street by a nice woman named Debbie. The cats, though generally very friendly, had a recurring argument that they could never resolve: they couldn’t agree which of them had the sillier name.

The one called Shraga would often say “listen to the way my name sounds – it’s so dumb! Shra-ga. SHRA-GA. Just dumb!”

The one called Spartacus would answer “you think that’s dumb? Listen to my nicknames – Sparty, Sparticle, Particle, Spartoosh. All so silly!”

Despite their argument, they usually managed to play well together and enjoy the life they led in the small apartment with the two girly-girls they lived with. The two girly-girls, one older and one younger, both doted on them and spent many hours of the day using odd sounding high-pitched voices when they spoke to them. They would squeal and sigh, but the two cats were content as long as those sounds were followed by the rattle of the box of especially yummy food-treats.

And so the two cats lived in harmony, with only one or two scartchy fights a day, and they were always sure to act very cute around their two girly-girl humans so that they would never need to live hungry on the street again.


7 thoughts on “A [Stupid] Tale of Two Cats

  1. chloë says:

    (in response to your comment):
    i have already started making no effort to chase. i got too caught up with friends like that in the past & i’ve learnt that if someone isn’t willing to make an effort for me, i will treat them the same. i have been concerned for her; in the last 6 months we (close friends, partner & i) have noticed she has become a compulsive liar. & it’s even stupid things like telling people she went out with us to an event & got smashed rahrah.. when we were all standing right there listening & she hadn’t gone with us at all. it’s just weird.
    i don’t know i actually have the energy to find out why she has been lieing or anything.
    i have this bad family trait/gene where i can just “switch” off to people, friends even. just forget their existence & move on.
    i feel i am doing this & i’m not entirely sure it’s a bad thing.
    thanks for your comment it was helpful xo

    i wonder that my cat would say if he could talk; he’s black & white & called sylvester haha 😉

  2. bloodlineblog says:

    haha, very good, much better than what I’m writing, or anything I’ve ever written.

    Keep on writting

  3. chloë says:

    *hehe thanks
    i’m quickly learning i’m not the only one to have had someone in my life like that & that makes me feel a whole lot better about it all
    anti-depressants did help me, but it took 5 months before i noticed, i’ve been on them almost a year, i think in may sometime. i feel great the only reason i haven’t come off them is i’m scared of loosing the weight lol
    but i’ve sourced other alternatives to help me maintain my weight
    let me know if you do get them
    your second comment gave me a big –pick-me-up, thankyou
    when i’m (not at work) i’ll read your new entries 🙂 xo

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