Travel Plans

Whenever I hear an airplane buzz above my house these days, I turn my face to the sky and smile. Whenever I’m at work and have to answer customers’ questions about their purchases abroad, I smile as I read them the data. Whenever I look at the calendar and realize it’s the middle of March already, I skip over to April and smile some more. In two weeks to a month I will be on an airplane and I will be bored half to death on the long, long, long flight, but ultimately, the flight will end. I’ll get off the airplane and breath the (slightly) better airport air. I’ll walk to passport control, have my passport stamped, and then I’ll hear those words that they say every time my mom and I reach the US. They’ll say “Welcome home.”

I do love my home here. I do love my friends, and my tiny city, and Tel Aviv just a few minutes away with its beaches and cafes. I do love taking the ride up to cold Jerusalem, and I do love my time there with Sir B. F. I might sound as if I’m wild to begone from this mad country – that’s not entirely true. I just need a vacation. I wish I could take everyone I love with me, though.

I apologize for the very “bloggy” quality of this post – my mother and I are starting to plan dates, and so my mind is abuzz with the thoughts of open days in colleges and hotel prices and the fact that I’ll get to see New York for the first time ever. Plus, and almost more importantly than the college-scoping, I’ll get to go to BARNES AND NOBLES.

Oh yes. Book shopping and baggage-overweight -fees, here I come.


6 thoughts on “Travel Plans

  1. chloë says:

    i’ve got “the bug” as my boss informs me
    the travel bug, that is
    i’m itching to travel somewhere already
    your plans sound exciting
    not long now.. i can tell you’re excited

  2. The essence of what you’ve written is what I love about people who want to come here, to live here. I’ve known a number of immigrants who still love, even miss, the country of their birth,and yet they all deeply love America and have all been terrribly excited when the time came for their citizenship ceremony.

    Americans may be disliked,even despised, abroad for our national politics, but by God’s own hand we’ve helped those who’ve needed it and brought aid and all manner of philanthropy to villages and nation-states. We are, by far, the most giving nation on the face of the earth. We are not perfect, but we strive for compassion.

    We adore those who love America as we do. We welcome with open arms anyone who yearns to be free. Indeed, we look forward to your home-coming. :^)

  3. I’m so dog gone happy for you. NYC is awesome. Do you plan on seeing any shows or anything. Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Nobody will enter that store with me. I can disappear in almost any isle.

    I’m very happy for you. Will you blog and let us know how it’s going while your away? I loved hearing a little more person today Ilana.

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