What Happiness Is

Happiness is a feeling of contentment.
Happiness is the smell of a book.
Happiness is a fresh breeze on your face.
Happiness is the first time you see snow.
Happiness is the sound of your favorite band.
Happiness is the taste of that food you loved when you were a kid.
Happiness is interesting conversation with a friend.

Happiness can be faked.
Happiness can be denied.
Happiness can be pushed away.
Happiness can be welcomed.
Happiness can be nurtured.
Happiness can be caressed.

Happiness is the sparkle in the eye of someone who loves you.
Happiness is cuddling all through a cold night with someone who loves.
Happiness is a weekend of pure fun with someone who loves you.
Happiness is knowing you have someone who loves you.

Happiness is unique.
Happiness is individual.
Happiness is knowing all is well right now.

It occurs to me that I have written what might just constitute as cheesy Hallmark-card material. Still, to my mind it’s all true, and I had a good day yesterday and wanted to express it somehow. Even in a Hallmark way.


6 thoughts on “What Happiness Is

  1. Alex towler says:

    Hey I’m glad u had a good time. Everyone deserves happiness and when something happens that males you want to express it so potently it can only be a good thing. I’m glad u enjoyed my post. I had a random thought in a friends bathroom and it turned into that post so u can tell how odd m mind might really be. I’m really enjoying reading your posts now that I have them on my rss I keep checking Walton foe Lucy or your little rockstar girl. 2 stories I’m hooked on

  2. chloë says:

    i don’t know if you’ve noticed but, hallmark haven’t published anything that good 🙂

    it’s nice to read you had a good day & thanks for sharing with us your list of what makes you happy
    a lot of them also make me happy ❤

  3. @Dr. B – I suppose happiness can be pretty simple sometimes, eh?

    @Alex – I haven’t forgotten about Lucy and R, don’t you worry! I just haven’t had much time lately to really get into it, but I will one of these days because I want to see what happens with them 😉 I also will keep writing/posting about Sarah Teenager the rockergirl :P.

    @Chloe – Awwww, thanks hun ^_^.

    @Joy – Thanks ^_^.

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