Halfway ‘Round the World

Flying is a journey that begins hours before it is actually underway with packing, passport gathering, and final checks of house and pets and luggage. Once the keys lock the door and the luggage is in the taxi, it is still only the merest beginning of the ordeal. Airports are no picnic, and the security in Israel is stricter than most places. Young, post-military-service men and women look at the passports in an  appraising, ask if you’ve packed your own bags, and explain that they’re asking because you might have taken something from someone that you deemed innocent but would actually be dangerous.

A few lines, machines, check-ins and difficulties later, the next part of the trip begins: the perils of the Duty-Free Shopping Area. While many are drawn to this most dangerous of all airport pursuits, my mother and I are not among those many – in fact, quite the opposite. While others might stroll up and down the lanes of various James Richardsons and Tommy Hilfigers and The-Tie-Shops, we huddle in the most remote of coffee-shops, sip our beverages, and try to hide from the too-alert-for-this-hour shoppers.

Next, of course, is the constant peering at watches and clocks, the straining of the ears to hear the garbled messages that come over the loudspeaker, and, in the end, the walk to the right gate quite a while before boarding starts, just so we won’t be late. Here, again, begins the process of tickets, passports, lines and shuffling forward one step at a time, until our feet actually set upon the cheaply carpeted floor of the airplane, and we find our cheaply leathered or upholstered seats. Setting our behinds down in those, we ready ourselves for the many, many, many hours ahead.

All this was just the beginning.


4 thoughts on “Halfway ‘Round the World

  1. I hate flying and really, won’t do it but all this hassle is a good reminder why I hate it. You forgot to mention that awful the air in the airplane. I think I hate that stale air smell the most.

    Have fun while your on your trip. How long will you be here?

  2. I love flying, but those stupid guards get more annoying every time. I disliked taking my shoes off to begin with, but I just about had it when a guard demanded the right to x-ray my socks! Do I sound like a terrorist? *fume*

  3. chloë says:

    i think the airport & flying is all part of the fun of holidaying 🙂
    i’m first to sprint to duty free, spend money, then chill out at a coffee shop 🙂

    enjoy your trip

  4. chloë says:

    argh hair, it gives me headaches – literally
    : ) *smiles at similarties* perhaps we subconsciouly chose them because we had a feeling they had nice normal families : )
    not a lot no, i manged to visit him once, for his birthday this time around & if it wasn’t for my parents nagging me too, i wouldn’t have gone. i haven’t ever, ever, really gotten to talk to him about it all because the last “real” time he was home i was still 14 & i wasn’t really good at voicing my thoughts &/or opinions at that stage
    this time i’m going to, because i’m older & he is too
    but you’re definitely right, i won’t know how to handle it until it’s happening & i think that’s what makes me so anxious xo

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