Think of everything Monday represents for you: the beginning of the week, errands, traffic, going back to work, the end of the weekend, Garfield hates it too, MISERY. Yes, that’s what most people feel about Mondays. Now, picture that for a moment in your mind. And now, transfer it all to SUNDAY.

Yes, in Israel Sunday is the first day of the week. Mondays are just another day, just one step closer to Friday and Saturday. Sundays are our first days, and I can only imagine how weird that is to anyone who lives anywhere else. Sundays for most of you mean another day of rest, a day to sleep in, a day where everything is shut down, a day when there’s no mail! But here? Nope! Here, Sundays are the dreaded first day and Saturdays are the blissful weekend.

I mention this because I know I’m going to find it extremely odd to move and live somewhere where Sundays are another day off. Which makes me wonder about our definitions for things- just because Sundays are defined here as the first day of the week, that’s what’s going to be embedded in my brain forever. The rest of the world sees Sunday as the weekend but I’ll forever have this small part of my mind thinking that Sunday is the dreaded beginning of another work week.

Forgive my rambling and pointless post, but excitement for the coming-leave-taking on April ninth is addling my brain – especially now that I got accepted to Sarah Lawrence. I’m not gloating, really I’m not!


9 thoughts on “Sunday-Monday-Blah-Blah-Blah

  1. Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful campus, and quite a hearty school too. You will indeed be very busy. I certainly hope this doesn’t spell the end of your blogging days. I know I speak for many of your readers when I say we would miss your asides and musings.

  2. Oh, J.W, I haven’t decided on Sarah Lawrence yet – I’m just happy that I got in. That’s what my upcoming trip, beginning on April 9th, is for – scoping out the colleges I got into.

    I am definitely not going to stop blogging, even in August/September when I start school.

  3. Sarah says:

    Congratulations on being accepted!
    I really never knew about that whole Sunday thing over there. I guess that’s just something that most people don’t think about and assume that the weekend is the same everywhere. I still think that Fridays and Saturdays are everyone’s favorite days over here anyway because there’s no “crap, I have to go to bed and wake up for work tomorrow morning” on those days.

  4. Don’t let GBU2 fool you . . .she hates any day with a morning attached to it ;^) Outside of that she’s pretty much a pussycat.

    To be fair, though, she’s been very good about getting up early to do her workout and get to work early. At least from what she’s reported, she has. Now that I think of it, she has taken a Hostage as of late, so I wouldn’t try to annoy her.

  5. I’m so happy you got accepted there. Now the decision on where to go begins. Yippee for you though I knew you’d be welcomed wherever you applied. You’re one smart cookie.

    It’s funny to think of Sunday as a “work day.” I do consider Sunday the first day of the week. It’s the first day on calenders. I wonder if it has anything to do with church. Our “work week” is M-F but Sunday is the first day, it’s just not a “work day.”

    PS….I love Monday’s. Everyone goes back to work and school and it’s my Saturday 🙂

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