Independence Day

Independence Day in Israel falls on a different date every year. It is celebrated on the same date in the Jewish calender, but it’s very different from the common calender that most of us use – the one with January, February etc. The Jewish calender is actually based on the cycles of the moon – by looking at the Jewish calendar I can always know when it’s going to be a full moon and when there isn’t going to be a visible moon at all. It’s quite comfy.

No matter when Independence Day falls here, though, whether in April or May, it is always celebrated in the exact same fashion all over the country. On the Eve of it, there are performances in every city, some streets are closed off so people can roam freely in certain areas, and the same pointless, useless, dumb junk is sold all over. One time, I bought a headband with orange or pink pom-poms standing up on it. I think I purchased a necklace one time as well. Still, this year I saw my favorite pointless junk, but I refrained from buying it – sunglasses with little light bulbs all around the rims that flash on and off in different colors. Sensible, stylish and not at all tacky, I say!

That’s only one part of the holiday, though. On the day itself, the skies of Israel are blurred with smog and smoke – everyone, simply everyone, has barbecues. EVERYONE. There isn’t a free grassy knoll or an empty park bench to be found anywhere.

If someone could explain to me how any of this is supposed to symbolise patriotism for the state of Israel, I would appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Everyone in the US has a barbecue on our independence day too. I think it is because for the most part it’s one of the only major holidays during a warm season, any warm season. It seems like during the winter you can hardly have a month go by without some sort of holiday, and then they gradually peter out until there’s nothing in the summer.

    Maybe because way back when they had to have something to look forward to when surrounded by snow for months on end? I don’t know.

  2. I tend to agree with univoked about the bbq-ing on the holiday. We don’t have many holiday’s during the long, cold winter months and everyone is home so it’s just what we do but I’ve never noticed the smog and smoke like you’ve talked about. I do love that un-tacky type of stuff. I would love to walk and look at all that stuff. I’m just a sucker that way. You know how they say someone would buy anything? That someone is me!! I just love junk.

    Happy Independence Day to you.

  3. What do you really expect for Independence Day? A grand reenactment of the event?

    People are enjoying themselves on the birthday of their nation. I believe it’s a good thing.

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