Sarah Lawrence College

I’m kind of scared that I’m going to be jinxing myself somehow by posting this, and yet I can’t help it. I’ve made a decision. I am wholeheartedly sure of it. I am excited, anticipating, scared, terrified, and overjoyed.

My deposit will be sent in tomorrow.

I will post a proper post tonight, but for right now I wanted to update y’all on this breakthrough of mine. If you’re interested, look up pictures of the campus – it is absolutely incredible.


8 thoughts on “Sarah Lawrence College

  1. Atta girl! Remember these feelings, imprint them on your soul and burn ’em in your memory. You are going to grow and learn so much in the next four years, you can’t possibly imagine.

    Congratulations :^)

  2. chloë says:

    i googled it (gotta love google)
    school for the performing arts 🙂 very well done
    & congratulations emily xx

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