People Are People Everywhere

There isn’t a truer sentence. Well, there are many sentences that are just as true or truer, I suppose, but I simply can’t think of any right now. This sentence, however, is one that is very much a motto that I must remember these days. I wander around the campus here and I meet people. I had some sort of fantasy that people in college were somehow different than people in the “real world.”

They’re not. I was sure that college was a place where people were growing up, and thus less prone to pettiness and smallness. I thought everyone would accept everyone, that there would be no cliques, that people wouldn’t judge on first appearances alone. Of course, that was the naive side of my brain that was believing all that. My cynical side, which is rather bigger, knew that college would be just as big a gathering place for those who judge other, who see themselves as being high above others, who disdain other opinions as the rest of the world. My cynical side was proved correct.

Having said that, I don’t wish you to believe that I’m suffering. The transition is hard, even though I’m still in the orientation and registration processes, but by keeping myself busy and on top of things, I manage to minimize the time in which I can feel homesick and sorry for myself.

I highly look forward to this weekend, a time which will hopefully be a little calmer. I hope that I’ll be able to resume my normal almost-every-day posting schedule then and also catch up on all the blogs I regularly read on here. I miss you all, believe me.

I apologize, as I always do, for the “diary”ishness of this entry – my only excuse is that I don’t have time to write something that requires much thought, and so instead I’m simply writing the thoughts that already occupy most of my head-space.


7 thoughts on “People Are People Everywhere

  1. thelittleredwriter says:


    As much as I adore your writig, I love your diary entries, too, because they let me keep up with you as well!

    Have you ever heard the phrase “high school never ends”? College is proof of that. But here’s the thing, no matter how petty and small other people can be, you have the ability to simply be you, which is a wonderful thing to be!

    Keep in touch!


  2. I agree with thelittleredwriter. I like seeing your personal sides. It makes you more real to me. I’m sorry you are having a hard time and homesickness just sucks. It’s pain can be felt in many ways. I hope it’s just a matter of an adjustment period for you. I can imagine how hard it is being out of your country as well. So many major cultural changes. Sad to say, they are cliques in this life no matter where you go. Schools, jobs. New activities you wish to start. There are always people there before you so it’s always up to us to be willing to join in. Sometimes the majority of people will welcome you with open arms and the ones who aren’t, F-Em! You don’t need people like that in your life anyway.

    Take care and let us know how you are more often. I like reading about you too.

  3. Thanks Mckenzie, and thank you Joy. You guys made me feel better. I’m glad I’m not boring you with my little personal entries. Hopefully once I start classes I might be inspired to write some more substantial stuff, but for now, I’m still writing at least.
    I can honestly say that I miss both of you, and the community here on WordPress, immensely. This site was such a part of my routine and my joy of everyday and right now I’m so busy that I haven’t time to breath. It should calm down though. I can’t wait to catch up with what I’ve missed – or, if time doesn’t allow – at least to get back to reading your blogs daily.
    My heart is sighing a little right now. ❤

  4. chloe says:

    i don’t think it was naive, just wishful thinking that the people at uni would be more adults than they are
    thinking of you x

  5. Sarah says:

    Hopefully in time things will become better and you will be able to enjoy yourself and feel more at home. You are afterall, going through a huge adjustment. Also I’m not bored at all with personal entries 🙂
    I hope things look up soon!

  6. Don’t worry about the small things so much, Em. You have a whole world to conquer, and a a bunch of us here to support you in your conquest!

    As Kenzie and Joy stated, your diary entries give us a glimpse into your life—they make your words more personable, give them life.

    Do what you gotta do, and we’ll be here!

  7. “My cynical side, which is rather bigger, knew that college would be just as big a gathering place for those who judge other, who see themselves as being high above others, who disdain other opinions as the rest of the world.”

    The less elite the university the less likely things like this would happen. ;(

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