Handing In My First Essay

The assignment was simple, but we were all much too nervous to appreciate that fact. The classroom was a buzz of talk throughout the hour and a half lesson as we discussed one theory after another, dissecting one paragraph after the next. The discussion was real and intense, ideas tossed back and forth, shouts of “I agree” and “No, I don’t think so” flying around the room as tongues loosened as we all bathed in the liquor that is shared knowledge and differed opinions.

It was an hour and a half that was free of the normal constraints of time and space. The very walls seemed to change dimensions as the air heated or cooled with the passion of the students, and the time zipped past in a fashion most unlike the normal “classroom time.” Shared craving of healthy discussion and conversation made us all comrades, part of an entity – until our opinions differed and we changed sides in an instant, becoming enemies in a war where the sides respect each other but are each completely adamant about triumphing.

We were working with our essays in front of us, and when my turn came to discuss my passages, I felt like the very air I was breathing was heady – I don’t do that normally, I don’t charge into an opinionated speech based on examples and analysis of a situation – but I did it then, my mind being freed from bonds of shyness or intimidation.

At the end of the lesson after I handed my paper to the professor, I lingered, as I do, to write down the assignments for next lesson in my weekly-planner and to pack up my bag just right. As I got up to leave, I found myself the last one in the room besides my professor, who casually turned to me as he packed up his own bag and said to me “That was very good.” I didn’t understand, so I said “What?” and he replied “That was a very good presentation.”

I stammered some sort of thanks and rushed out of the room. My first week of classes officially ended, and I did something right. Good start.


6 thoughts on “Handing In My First Essay

  1. Orin says:

    Awwwwww Ahhhh… Amazing. I love your description!
    It’s like, this is a good piece of writing regardless, but it actually happend to you, which makes it even better 🙂
    I mean, this works even if the reader doesn’t know you and doesn’t care about college classes, because it’s well-written.

  2. drtombibey says:

    Take it to the hoop msslightly. Keep your mind open and pour in the knowledge. Tell you you might be young but can teach old Docs a thing or two, and you’re never gonna quit learning.

    Dr. B

  3. I loved this. I agree with Orin. Great story but better since it really happened to you. I’m so glad it’s all going well and you really seem to be enjoying your new classes. WOOHOO!!!!

  4. Mckenzie says:

    I love when we debate in classes, especially when I am in a classroom with people who aren’t afraid to share their opinions and still respect the other person’s point of view.

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