Blasts From the Past

Isn’t it strange how things seem to synchronize in life? Sometimes it’s craving something sweet and suddenly discovering a cake mix you’ve had for months and forgotten about. Sometimes it’s driving along, thinking about how you really need to replace your toaster, and then seeing an appliance store the next time you stop at a red light. Sometimes it’s reaching your hand out to call a friend you haven’t spoken to for ages, and having the phone ring just at that moment with that person on the line calling you. Life is sometimes funny that way. Coincidences probably, or so my rational mind deduces, but it doesn’t take away the sweet taste of mystery that comes with it.

This week, I’ve made some remarkable findings. First, I found my old poetry notebook in which I’d copied, by hand, all the poems I’d written on the computer. Reading through the poems, I was surprised at how much of what I’d written then still applies to me, but in a different way.

Second, I most likely found the reason I don’t sleep well is because of something in my past – I never put two and two together until getting the input from someone else, but once I did, it clicked. Not that it’s helped me sleep better, but at least I know a likely reason for it.

Third, I got an email from OpenDiary, a website I used to write in during high-school. I had two diaries there; one written when I was sixteen, the other when I was seventeen. I accessed both diaries and downloaded them to my computer and read through some entries. As with the poetry notebook, it was a surprise to read my words back then and think how they mean something different, but still relevant, to me now. The best part, though, is that there are a few entries about the beginning of my relationship with Sir B. F. and those made me smile a great deal.

Last, I found my daily-calendar from senior year in high school. It’s full of lyrics, big decelerations of boredom, private jokes my friends and I had then and lots of hearts dedicated to Sir. B. F. as well as the various bands I was seriously into at the time. I loved finding the doodles I had done while bored out of my mind during class – a big Christmas tree with presents beneath it drawn on December 24, random cat and bunny drawings, some manga attempts.

It was strange, finding all these things day after day, but I enjoyed it. I love those weird synchronizations in life. How about you?


5 thoughts on “Blasts From the Past

  1. Erin says:

    Aw man, old agendas! XD And binders . . . I doodled all over my binders back in high school.

    I find that when you learn a new word or first learn about a person or thing, it has a tendency to pop up all over the place. Possibly you’re just noticing it more, but possibly it’s some quirky synchronicity thing. =]

    I actually got rid of most of my old notebooks. They were full of things I don’t want to remember! I still have some of my old poetry, though . . . Heh heh.

    I hope you find a way to sleep better. Knowing part of the problem is a good start, maybe?

  2. suzicate says:

    Synchronicity is a funny thing…have had a bit of that lately, and haven’t pinpointed the meaning of this time. I love finding things I’ve written years ago, and sometimes it sounds so different from me now, it’s hard to fathom that I wrote it at all.

  3. unabridgedgirl says:

    I love when I find out pieces of writing or mail. I remember finding some old e-mails from someone who has meant the world to me, or did…They still make me smile when I’m having a bad day.

  4. I love coincidences like this – it’s stunning and amazing, just pure delight when something like that happens.

    I wish I had kept my daily calendars from high school. Such a fascinating look into the details of life you can’t remember. I do have old emails still, from when my husband and I were first dating, and I’m so glad I kept them.

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