Fun House Mirror

It grows, grows, grows,

The time stops, then flows,

The truth that nobody knows,

Is how it grows, grows, grows.


It hurts, hurts, hurts,

Danger no longer flirts,

They’re filled out now – her shirts,

And that hurts, hurts, hurts.


It numbs, numbs, numbs,

Endless pages she thumbs,

Only they make the heart drum,

‘Cause it’s numb, numb, numb.


It gets better, worse, the same,

While the wild impulses are tamed,

Moods shift as if in a game,

So it gets better, worse, the same.


8 thoughts on “Fun House Mirror

  1. 1markt says:

    I get it! “The more things change, the more they remain the same”. I would like to invite you to when you have the chance. I hope and I think that the questioning of life and why are we either here or there will appeal to you. I invite your comments and will anticipate a great exchange, if you are moved to do so.

  2. suzicate says:

    Perception is very much like a fun house mirror. the tricks the mind plays can be so evil.Funny that when I was at my thinnest I felt I looked positively fat…No one got it, and I couldn’t get past it. Now, in looking back at pictures, I see what they saw, but definitely not then. No one knows the hurt that is inside accept the one holding it and trying to look out with clear vision. This was touching. Honest and moving.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what this is about. My perception is twisted, but even knowing this, it’s hard to get past what my mind is sure it’s seeing.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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