Flash Fiction Thursday: Beating Up Brad

I hate Brad. I’ve hated him ever since first grade when he grabbed me from behind and shoved my face into the sandbox. Let me tell you, that was not a fun experience. It was even worse when it became a daily thing, a sort of routine form of torture. It wasn’t until third grade that I hit him back. Boy, did I pay for that. Ever since then, Brad beat me up almost every day. Poor Mom, she kept thinking that Dad was doing something to me when I was at his house. But that’s Mom’s fault for only taking me one day a week. Dad knew what was going on, alright. He knew, and he tried to teach me how to fight back – he’s that kind of a guy – but it never really stuck. We used to have the biggest fights, since I never agreed to tell him who was beating me up. He called school to complain a few times, but they kept assuring him that “there’s no bullying problem at our school, sir” and “the nurses say that your son is simply very clumsy and that there’s no reason to assume he’s being hit. We have very good boys here, sir.”

See, that’s the other thing. I went to an all-boys school. Guess what? That wasn’t fun, either. I don’t think I spoke with a girl who wasn’t Mom or Auntie Rose until I was in high-school. That’s where the next fun part started. Brad went to the same high-school I did. Now, you may think that he’d grown up a little, and that if his parents were sending him to a co-ed school, that meant that he would be too busy hitting on girls and would stop picking on me. But, of course, as luck would have it, Brad found those girls who liked seeing that he was big and strong and could hit an obnoxious nerd with glasses like me.

I’m a senior now. We’re both seniors. I’ve still got the glasses, but I’ve got some muscle on me now. See, Dad finally had it with my split lips and black eyes. He started sending me to the gym twice a week when he saw that even in high-school I was coming home bruised a couple times a week – at least by then, Brad had less time for me. So even though nobody’s noticed, I’ve been building up muscle over the years, and my pimples have gone away, and you know what? Brad’s going to go bald early and I’m not. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from leering at me or threatening me or banging my locker as he passes by so that I squeak. I have this tendency to squeak. I know it’s not attractive, but what can you do?

Anyway, tonight’s Prom Night. I think it’s about time I proved to Brad, myself and everyone else that I’ve gotten stronger than him. I guess a decked out hotel lobby full of my fellow students and a bad hired band is a good place to do it. Plus, we’ll both be in suits, so my beating him to a pulp will at least look classy. You know, just in case someone films it and puts it online.


10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Thursday: Beating Up Brad

  1. unabridgedgirl says:

    “Brad’s going to go bald early and I’m not.”


    “You know, just in case someone films it and puts it online.”


    I love you, Em! Love you, love you, love you! This made my day. Thank you for participating in the last FFT. I really appreciate it. Write a book, Em! Write a book!

    • XD – I love you too Mckenzie, hun! YOU’RE the one who should be writing a book :D. Just so you remember that! So glad I managed to get you to laugh – I’m always so nervous about trying to write funny stuff ^_^”.

  2. What an endearing character you have here! And you never even mention his name and I want to know his story and what happens with Brad at the prom. What a distinct voice for him. I can totally sense the nerdiness in just the tone, even without the mention of glasses.
    Please keep going! =)

  3. Erin M says:

    LOVE IT. I love the narrator’s voice. But I get the feeling he’s not really that nerdy, though. Just one of the quieter ones? One of the ones that somehow turn out really nicely . . . XD (If he doesn’t end up with a complex from being beaten up so often.)

    Love the line about the school assuring his dad that there was no bullying problem. Ohhhh, denial. And useless authority. Bah!

    I hope Brad wimps out and cries after the first punch =]

    But then I’ll feel sorry for him because he just got owned by a “wimp” and he’s balding prematurely and he likely has personal problems if he’s such a bully. =\

    Anyway, fab story! You’re awesome, Ilana. ^_^

  4. My favorite thing about your writing, Emily? The endings – the cliffhangers – the way you pull us in with just enough information and an excellent plot, and leave us wondering what comes next. Such talent!

  5. Very nicely done. The protagonist grows during the story. And the significant event is going to come after the story ends. That’s a technique that Raymond Carver used a lot. Oh, and if anyone is interested, I have written an ebook. It’s on my blog.

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