Return of the Book Week (the Length of Which is Ten Days, Actually)

Last year, some of you may vaguely remember (in the farthest recesses of your mind that contain those details that are actually pretty useless and unneeded), I worked at Hebrew Book Week. I’m doing the same thing this year, and today I spent some seven hours setting up stalls, heaving books out of boxes, removing the books from their plastic wrappings and setting them out. My back aches, my wrists hurt and my legs are exhausted, but I got to handle books all day, and in my opinion that’s the best kind of manual labor for me.

Until June 25, I might not have as much time to read all of your lovely blogs as often, although I’ll do my best. I do have most mornings off, but since I’m working on different versions of my resume and gearing myself up to start writing cover letters, I might not have those mornings as leisurely times. I’m applying to internships, you see, at publishing houses and literary agencies in New York City, for next year, and it’s all very exciting and nerve-wracking.

Finally, my current work in progress is coming on well. I think I may have written what is going to be its closing paragraph today, which felt incredible. Since this is the first book I’ve written that has been new to me with every sentence I write, I’m excited to see that maybe it’s actually going to wrap itself up and not leave me hanging and confused as to what on earth I’m supposed to do with the collection of moments in it.


10 thoughts on “Return of the Book Week (the Length of Which is Ten Days, Actually)

  1. Glad to see you get to do something you enjoy. The majority of us do something as a means of employment, but not a means of getting paid to do what we enjoy. Keep your focus and dreams alive and you will manage just fine.

  2. Erin M says:

    I hope you have a great time at Book Week (I agree with Kenz: where has this past year gone?!). And good luck with writing cover letters (you have my sympathy!). Aaaand, that is SO exciting about New York; I hope you find something!

    Also, that is awesome about your book! =D

    • Thank you, Erin! I hope things work out with NY, too ^_^. It would mean that I would have an internship for credit at school AND get real life experience in a field I’m very interested in.

  3. What a great thing to be able to do. I was imaging the smell of all those books. How great it must be to be around books all day.

    Way to go on your own work of art. Will we ever have a chance to read it?

    • The books are all dusty and I can’t actually stick my nose in them and sniff (it would look unprofessional 😦 ) but being around books is wonderful. Even in the most boring parts of the shift, I still felt more comfortable than I could ever feel in any other kind of sales position.

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