Harcore Football Fan – In My Own Way

Since meeting Sir B. F. and becoming more interested in soccer – fine, fine, FOOTBALL – I’ve become even more aware of my gender’s stereotypes. Mostly because I’ve been them. I’ve opened up Sir B. F.’s eyes to a whole different aspect of the sports world.

For example, I remember what Newcastle wear because they look like prisoners and it amuses me. I recognize Tevez from his awesome hair and totally wicked badass scar. I enjoy giggling over the men jumping all over each other and gripping each other’s faces and asses. Giggs I remember because I feel sorry for him for being “ancient” in football years. Ronaldo I laugh at constantly, both out of delight for his amazing dancing footwork and for his choice of wardrobe while off the field.

If I have mortified anyone with my blatant girlish attitude towards serious matter such as these, all I can say is TEEHEE.

Apparently I’m Almost Genderless.

I did the sex-ID quiz that Chris left in a comment a few posts back [ http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sex/index_cookie.shtml ] and apparently my mind is almost exactly between the male and female minds. I lean more towards the women’s mind, but not by much.

This would make sense – I like girly things like shopping, but I can be rather agressive or violent; I’m super empathic, and yet I blow people’s brains out on GTA. I used to be a tomboy, and now I’m rather girly. I know, I’m playing at stereotypes here, but it makes sense.

Still, I find it amusing that although I am very clearly and physically female, my brain is genderless. My brain is totally fucking the system. Cool.

Just to write a short disclaimer, because I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about that comic: I’m all for transvestites, transgenders and sexual freedom. I absolutely adore Frank N’ Furter. I just don’t want to have a beard…