Filler Post

I’m rushing out of the house and I’m moaning about the fact that I can’t write anything until I get back from my outing.
And so, as a filler, I will post a joke that I found very funny for some reason. It’s translated from Hebrew, so if it doesn’t flow right, it’s because of my translation:

A man walks down the street and sees another guy walking towards him with a penguin. The first man asks the second one, “What are you doing with a penguin?!” and the second man replies “I’m taking it to the zoo!” The first man is satisfied and walks away.
The next day, he sees the man walking along with the penguin again. He stops him and asks, rather angrily, “I thought you took it to the zoo!” to which the first man blinks innocently and says “Well, I can’t take it the same place every day, can I? One day the zoo, the next day the movies, you know…”


What People See in George Clooney

I never get it. I really don’t. I don’t think he’s that good looking, his facial hair looks like it’s painted on, and he has odd hair that looks naturally gelled up. I’ve never seen him in General Hospital, but I don’t understand how he became the heart-throb he is considered.

There is, however, one thing I love about George Clooney. He is absolutely amazing at being sarcastic. He drips with sarcasm, insincerity and dry humor when he wants to, and I find THAT, of all things, to be the coolest, most awesome thing about him as an actor.

He’s a good actor, no doubt about that, but still – heart-throb? Hardly

[Can you tell this is a spur of the moment post because my mother is flying tonight and I have no time to spend on the computer?]